A Comprehensive Approach

Dr. Kelly Cobb has long been known in Lafayette for the personal care that she gives her patients in her internal medicine practice. 

She truly believes that she is a partner in her patients’ quest for optimal health. By asking questions and listening, a dialogue begins that allows for relationship building. It is in this dialogue, in which patients actively participate in the decision making process, that healing begins. She has studied functional medicine as well as allopathic medicine and believes a combined approach is necessary. She believes nutrition is the cornerstone of health and believes continued nutritional support is important both in wellness and in disease.

Frustrated with the lack of weight loss options for her patients,  Dr. Cobb has created the Nouriche Weight Loss program which is unique to her practice.   Combining a proven program, education and medical support,  the Nouriche program will jump start your weight loss and lead you  on the road to a healthy lifestyle  

Our Program

By working with your body instead of against it, you can find weight loss sucesss.  Learn how the Nouriche program is different here. 


Education and regular motivation are the key to success!  Read our blog for helpful hints, tips and recipes to keep you on track.  


Our Medspa

Our onsite medspa offers a variety of services and products to help take years of your appearance.  Check out our medpsa services here.